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Matt’s my one and only go to guy if it comes to UK domains. Great service and very reliable.

Rad Paluszak
jerry west e1577457112708

I’ve been in the SEO and domain buying industry since ’96 and I’ve dealt with a lot of people and companies in the last twenty years.

Dealing with Matt was one of the easiest transactions I have ever done. The domain ended up being far better than my initial research showed and he ensured the transfer process was smooth.

More businesses should be run the way Matt operates PremiumDomainNames.co.uk

Jerry West, SEO Badass – JerryWest.com

Matt is a great guy. His knowledge of the industry is unreal and always provides top quality services. Trustworthy and always willing to go the extra mile for you. Keep up the awesome work pal

James Dooley, FatRank.com, PromoSEO
james dooley testimonial
john lamerton

We’ve been dealing with Matt from PremiumDomainNames.co.uk since 2009 and have purchased multiple domains from him in that time which have helped us stand out from the crowd as well as increase traffic.

Every single time he’s been great to deal with and the transaction has been faultless.

John Lamerton, Best Selling Author & Entrepreneur

I have worked with Matt for almost 10 years now on various different projects across digital marketing, I have bought domains for multiple clients for SEO purposes and different premium branded domains.

There is often an element of trust and apprehension when buying a domain, the buyer trusts that after transferring the money (if escrow isn’t used) that they will get the domain..

I can say that I never had this issue with Matt, communication is great, on time and to the point, which leaves me with a feeling of trust – which is what you need when doing business with multiple clients, great guy to deal with.

Jason, Warrington
jasond 1

I’ve known Matt for a while and dealt with him numerous times.

All the while he’s been a stand up and honest gentleman to do business with, but more than that he can walk the walk.

He has domains that make you drool, he has domains that excite you and he has domains that seem to me at least as if he conjured them out of thin air.

And these domains… Damn, they are great!

Look, if you and I compete…. Go get your domains somewhere else. If we don’t though, then Matt is the man you should be doing business with. It’s honestly, that simple!

Jason Duke, The.Domain.Name

In the field of domain name trading Matt is a true gent and true professional. If you are considering buying one of his brandable domains, or using his services to try and catch an expiring domain I could not recommend him more.

In December 2016 proteinshakes.co.uk had expired and was due to drop. Based on his reputation, I reached out to Matt at the eleventh hour (quite literally) and asked him if he could track and try and catch the domain.

This a premium domain and as such it will have been highly sought after. Matt caught the domain on my behalf, and being true to his word, he sold it me for the pre-negotiated price.

He could easily have kept it, ramped up the price or even sold for far to a third party. The entire transaction was settled seamlessly in less than 24hrs.

When it comes to trying to catch another expired domain in the future I will absolutely not hesitate to contact him again. You’re welcome to email me at [email protected] if you have any hesitations.

Thanks Matt and good luck in your continued success.

Mike Clark Owner, Supplement Marketing
garyt 1

I have been buying domains from Matt for many years now. Very professional and quick service, always with a great selection.

Gary Taylor (@garyptaylor)

I have dealt with Matt for a few years now buying domains. He has shown great integrity at all times and efficiency.

I have done very well buying domains from him and they are always of a high quality. Highly recommended and trusted seller.”

Robert Prime, EssenceofArcadia.com

Easy transaction with no bother at all..

We agreed a figure and within minutes the transaction was complete.

I would defiantly use this company again. Thank you for the domain.

Emma, Crystal Chauffers

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