SEO Domains

Building a website is hard. And, building one on a brand-new domain is even harder. Most new website projects on brand new domains will take up to 12 months to gain traction. That assumes a high level of content creation and link building takes place during this period. And many studies tend to agree. For example, this study shows that only 22% of Google’s top 10 results are less than a year old. Bad news.

Our portfolio of SEO domain names for sale helps to kickstart a website, so you don’t have to wait years to rank.Many of our buyers find their sites produce traffic and rank in Google within a matter of weeks.

How We Select SEO Domains

We follow a strict selection process which means less than 1% of the domains we analyse are added to our portfolio ready for sale.We are looking for defining characteristics such as:

  • High trust flow TF10+
  • High domain authority
  • Aged domains (at least a couple of years old)
  • Links from reputable sources (including .gov and .edu websites)
  • Now outdated: High Page Rank (PR), none of my buyers really take any notice of PR now
  • The ability to get re-indexed in Google and drive organic traffic
  • Quality links that provide free referral traffic
  • Checking to make sure domain was not previously used for a PBN, or spammed etc.

Why Domains with Links Are So Valuable

Anyone involved in SEO will have noticed one thing over the last couple of years; it’s getting hard. Link building is no longer something easily measured. And, site owners are less likely to link out than they were 5-10 years ago.

This is a good thing. Many of our domains for sale have a range of natural resource page and editorial links, as well as links from UK gov and edu/ac sites.

Many of these site owners delete any email with the word “link” in it. So, it’s not even possible to acquire any of these links anymore.

What does this mean?

You won’t have to spend £1,000s creating content, and days on outreach for link building. The hard work has already been done.

Not only do you get a solid foundation to work from SEO wise, there’s a good chance it will give you a jump on your competitors; from day 1!

Making Money with SEO Domains

Our authority domains start as low as £100 (but realistically the best ones are £1k+), so there’s plenty of room to make money.

Filter traffic to your blog network

If you already have a niche blog, filtering traffic from domains with high domain authority and trust flow is a quick and easy way to extract value. And, additional traffic (and revenue) isn’t the only benefit here.

With most websites for sale being valued at 24x income, adding just £50 of additional income (per month) using an SEO domain could mean an additional sale value of £1,000.

Rebuild a niche site

Many domains we have for sale were at one point, great websites. Rebuilding them to their former glory (but improving them) is a fantastic way to extract value from domain purchases.

It’s important to determine what the website was originally, to ensure that your new website build fits in with the link profile. And, a straightforward way to do this is to check out the domain history using the Way Back Machine.

Sell links

Private blog networks are not what they used to be, but that doesn’t mean people don’t buy links. And, there’s plenty of demand. Links that used to cost £10-20 to buy, are now £100 or more, as this ​AHREFS post highlights

Rank and sell

This is perhaps the easiest and most lucrative way to make money from domains with links. A lot of domains with previous rankings and traffic will return to their former glory with a bit of tender loving care.Suddenly, a domain that cost £50-100, is making that much (or more) every single month. And, there are plenty of people that are willing to buy these types of sites.Typically, a website with solid traffic and revenue (usually 12 months or more) will sell for 24 months income. So, a high authority domain priced at £50 that ends up making £100 per month, could be worth £2,400 or more.There are domainers out there using this rank and sell formula as their main source of income, and it’s easy to see why.

Build an Authority Domain Portfolio

We’ve built a business out of selling high authority domains that have the potential for traffic. But, we sell to the wholesale market. That means, we sell a tonne of domains at a low price. Any given month can see us shift over 150 SEO domains.Realistically, we could buy and hold these domains, and pricing them at 4x what we sell them for currently wouldn’t be unreasonable. The difference is, we’d be appealing to a retail market. So, we’d sell fewer domains, but achieve a higher sale value per domain.

For instance, we recently sold The Cue Store. And “store” based domains have sold for as much as $11,000 (domain only). A strategy used by many domainers is to build a domain portfolio of just a few dozen domains, and price them high for the retail market, waiting for that “big win”.

This is perfect for domainers that are not looking to build portfolios incorporating hundreds and hundreds of domains. And, those that don’t have hours per week to spend negotiating dozens of deals.

Build an Ecommerce Store

Ecommerce is big business. And, we regularly come across SEO domains that have brandable names (like The Cue Store mentioned above). Perfect for starting an online store.

Whilst most websites go up for sale on Flippa or Empire Flippers, Ecommerce websites have a broader scope. For example, a lot of premium Ecommerce websites are sold via Businesses For Sale.

Why should you care?

Because many of the brokers that act on your behalf, aim for 36-48x monthly net profit multiples.

So, getting a kickstart from an SEO domain in the Ecommerce space is worth 2x that of most other niches.