Using Expired Domains As PBNs

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Case Study – Building A Small PBN Network on Expired Domains for a £50,000 increase in revenue…

Over a space of 6-9 months, this client has bought only niche relevant expired domains – since time of purchasing, all the domains were set up as basic PBNs with unique content. The content added added was relevant to the target site – in simple terms H1, Title, URL Slug had niche relevant keywords in, as well as the content – and of course linking to specific pages on target site they wanted to increase rankings for.

To explain a little more, a longtail keyword strategy for blog posts was implemented, no doubt one that included some simple keyword research on Ahrefs or SEMRush to target high converting keywords. Finding longtail keywords can also be done on Ahrefs looking up competitors keywords.

Here’s the first graph from SEMRush showing the growth of organic traffic on the left peaking around 50k monthly visits, and keywords on the right going over 500:

semrush growth after PBN links
Growth for estimated organic traffic (left) and organic keywords in the top 3 and on page 1 overall (right)

Over the same timeframe; here’s the results from Google Analytics, total organic growth:

PBN on expired domain
Analytics – organic traffic growth

And again growth, but this time in hard revenue numbers you can see it’s surpassed £50k/month in revenue in mid 2020, and starting to get closer to £100,000 per month.

Revenue growth (e-commerce data from Analytics)

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