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What Are Expired Domain Names?

Every day, across the world hundreds of thousands of domains that were previously registered for a year, two or even ten to twenty years become available to register by anybody else. These are termed expired domains, dropped domains or deleted domains. Buying a domain with these credentials have many, many benefits.

There are a great many websites that monitor both suspended and expiring domains, watched by businesses, marketeers, and those involved in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Entrepreneurs and those with existing businesses online and offline often seek to buy high da expired domains that are catchy but mostly generic – a term denoting an exact keyword match domain name, for instance or simply a little naive and register an expired domain along the lines of or a little bit more savvy and – adding their own twist while picking up a second keyword to market to their target audience.

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Why Buy An Expired Domain?

Not all of these domains are useless. Being expired means a great many have value or were in use by a business that advertised it for the duration it was owned.

What does this mean? It means the values of an expiring domain are multiple, there may be Ahref links from other websites to the name which still provide traffic.

The more links the better, even more so if from a higher quality website with Trust Flow / link juice.Then there is the simple fact that should a well known business such as EasyJet go bankrupt and their domain drops, such a word of mouth domain would pick up type in traffic, direct input into the URL bar of a browser.

Another value a domain name that expires inherits, is that being out of the pool of available domains for so long it may be wanted by loads of other people.This creates an auction model for re-sale of expired domain names within a business termed ‘drop catching UK domain names.’

An industry where both amateurs and heavily invested professionals chase expiring domains daily so they can use for their own SEO business, company marketing or to simply sell to the highest bidder.

Investment In Dropping Domain Names Can Pay Off

In the golden era of domain catching ten years ago it was a very profitable arena with business owners not really understanding what they held.

Domain names like and or rarely drop these days but when they do it’s pay day or a new business start up for someone or both. Companies can pay up to and more than £100,000 for the best expired domain on the day.

These types of domains are hot property. Even second tier domains that have traffic can be parked and money earned from domain parking websites, but to a much lesser degree nowadays. Where a Cost Per Click (CPC) model exists and when a visitor lands they click a search result and the owner gets remunerated. Not all dropping domains have a value though.

In fact it could be that a domain name is generic, had never been used or marketed, might hold worth but has no type in or backlinks.

These become memorable names, easily pronounced over the phone, short and instantly recognisable for a brand or product niche. The investment then is not only first catching a UK expired domain but turning it into a mechanism to make a profit. A website selling services or a product that requires an additional development and marketing budget.

Dropping Domains: What To Look For When UK Domain Names Expire

The UK domain name space is interesting because not too long ago while and already existed, Nominet – the national registry with oversight released .uk .wales and .scot. Initially .uk is reserved for the original holder but gradually these have been dropping too.

It’s an opportunity to register a highly regarded dictionary word domain name. Are there are a lot of valuable expired domains that are worth catching?

NO, in the UK alone there can between 1000 and 4000+ UK expiring domains, previously suspended for three months which will drop and become available, every single day!

There are drop catching services that attempt to pick up these domains the millisecond they are back in the pool to register. High quality drop catching scripts ‘hope’ that they beat the other 12 dozen people who are attempting to register the same expired UK domain name. Yet two thirds will still go unregistered.

When it comes to .com, .net & .org expiring domains, Godaddy auctions can be a gold mine. However it’s quite difficult to find high value domains that no-one else knows about, so the Godaddy auction domains end up having the price driven up by lots of people bidding on the same domain. With the auction going to the highest bidder, it often ends up being the one with the deepest pockets who win the Godaddy auction.

How do people work out how much an expired domain is worth?

There are a variety of sources such as Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, Alexa, SEMRush and Similar Web which proffer a great many statistics about a domain’s history and current status. Ahrefs is the daddy really, with Majestic coming close second.

What’s The Best Way Get Expired Domains for the UK Market?

As a business owner or someone wishing to hold a domain of worth there are two stages of domain name growth. The first is getting a generic domain that already holds worth for instance people are willing to pay thousands for it, it has backlinks and type in traffic.

Or secondly you purchase a brandable expired domain that can be instantly recognisable and you invest money in marketing.The SEO value today is not as directly associated to the keyword in a domain, not like it was ten years ago.

However to the eye while searching where to click, if a related keyword is in the domain like and on message instead of this can help the click through rate skyrocket. Incidentally, alongside search volume for keywords is also a CPC amount.

The amount it may cost to bid on a keyword at the top of the Google search results and within Google Ads. For example an expired domain could be and for the term ‘loans’ it may costs £85.00 (it is much more) for each and every click.

If instead you ranked for ‘Loans’ while it would cost money to employ an experienced SEO company, this marketing budget would be drastically reduced. Buying an expired domain name like this is therefore an investment to offset against other costs.

Generic vs SEO Services For Brandable Expiring Domains

Not everyone can be fortunate to have £150,000 for a top UK expired domain. Often as an entrepreneur you may wish to target local search, for example. Based solely in London selling flowers.

However if you chose as your new national brand (I still think a keyword in the domain is preferable for SEO as well as recognition), as a brandable domain this would require some on site SEO and a campaign of backlinks, internal links, social activity and carefully curated content to get it higher for the search term ‘London Florists’ perhaps for a landing page.

Terms which you will come across if taking this path are: the act of buying expired domains, catching a brandable domain, using SEO services to make a brandable expired domain more visible for a high ranking search term with high search volume and on the first page in the search engine.

Businesses and individuals all do this even if they don’t fully understand. Companies that have been around for decades use SEO and individual domains for different sectors or regions.

People in affiliate marketing buy domains with links to build PBNs (a site that’s built to game the system), often rebuilt or based on what the previous site used to be on the, or to generate traffic for retailers and other online businesses in the affiliate industry by doing their own SEO or hiring SEO services to make dropping domains worth more and generate sales.

E-commerce today is a global business, so too are UK expiring domains. Everyone from China, America, Netherlands, New Zealand are catching UK domain names for every industry, niche and subject you can think of.

Where is the best place to buy backlink domains and catch expiring UK domains? Where can you catch expiring UK domains? How do you find an SEO company to turn brandable domains or three keyword’s into a search engine marketing success for lead generation?

I can help you – I have hundreds of names, so if there are any you are after specifically, please email me on – [email protected] with the niche and your budget, and I will be able to successfully source your next domain investment.

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