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Using a premium finance domain is a fantastic way to kick-start a new business, or to send an existing one into new heights. And, it’s no coincidence that of the top 10 domain sales ever, 3 of these domains are related to finance.

This includes which sold for $35.6 million in 2010, for $16 million in 2009 and £9.99 million back in 2008.

Of course, most people looking to acquire domains don’t have a 7-figure budget. And, that’s not a problem.

Premium UK finance domains tend to be 70-80% cheaper than the .com equivalent. In many cases, buyers can pick up quality domains for their business in the £500-£5,000 range.

There are few niches more profitable than finance.

But, big profit niches always have one main barrier to entry; ridiculous levels of competition. This is bad news for webmasters that don’t have a team of 100 web guys (and gals) behind them.

Understanding AdWords Costs & Free Traffic

We’re not talking about webmasters that “know what they are doing”.

We’re talking about organisations such as Compare the Market, MoneySupermarket, Go Compare and Combined, they spend over £100m on advertising per year. They represent just a few examples.

There are big players like this in all aspects of finance. Most will have multiple employees working on each aspect of internet marketing. They’ll have small teams working on social media, pay-per-click, SEO and even a small team of writers.

And, it’s easy to see how they can accrue such huge advertising costs.

According to Wordstream research, the top 3 most expensive CPC keywords in AdWords are all finance related. And, when we say high, we mean over $50 per click in some cases. A few dozen clicks per day could result in thousands spent.

finance domains ppc

This is where a premium finance domain can really pay for itself.

We recently priced at £2,000. It’s a perfect domain for any company looking to sell pay monthly mobile phones, dongles, broadband packages, and more.

Taking a look at the AdWords Keyword Planner, we can see a search volume of 1000-10,000 per month. And, the CPC for this keyword is over £6.

pay monthly adwords

How many people are likely to type-in 10? 50? 100?

This is excellent news. Type-in traffic that is a result of a premium domain is something many companies overlook. This type of traffic isn’t just free, it’s something that is long-term and consistent. This can’t be said for many forms of traffic generation.

Multiply the expected type-in traffic by the suggested bid of over £6, and it’s easy to see how a premium finance domain like this can pay for itself within a matter of a few months.

Using The Correct ccTLD

Many start-ups decide that they want to purchase a .com domain, even when they are based in the UK. The methodology is usually to do with portraying the image of a large and global company. The fact is, most UK users would much prefer to click on a, as there’s an element of trust involved by instantly recognising a business is in the same country as you are.

And remember, many people see the value in smaller localised companies that specialise in one small niche.

Think about it. If this wasn’t the case, Amazon would use for UK buyers, and maybe for Germany.

Do they? No. They use, and

With over $136 billion in revenue in 2016, it’s fair to say they have a lot of brains working on even the smallest of things. And, they’ve decided that using a ccTLD is the best route to take.

And, the good news? Compared with a .com domain, the equivalent domain is likely to be over 70% cheaper!

Avoiding Hyphenated Domains

I know what you’re thinking. You’ve found the domain you want, but it’s priced anywhere from £500-£5,000.

That said, the same domain with a hyphen separating keywords is probably less than £100, or free to register in many cases. That’s a big saving right there.

It’s tempting, but don’t do it. For a start, any potential type-in, and free, traffic is going to be lost. I can’t remember ever directly typing in a web address and adding a hyphen.

More importantly, if you’re serious about your business, you’re going to rely on repeat customers. And, they are unlikely to remember that the domain has a hyphen in it. Losing traffic from repeat customers is going to be worse than losing traffic from any other avenue.

Repeat customers are the backbone of any business, and they are the most profitable customer segment to sell to.

And, this infographic from Invespcro illustrates why.

finance domains customer retention

Finally, domains with hyphens have been associated with thin affiliate sites in the past. So, having a finance domain without hyphens is going to give off a certain degree of professionalism. In turn, this is likely to have a positive impact on conversion rates.

Broad & Exact Match Domains for PPC Campaigns

The studies are few and far between.

However, the ones that are circulating around the web are pretty impressive. For instance, a large car loan provider in Australia used to be branded Beep. They purchased the relevant ccTLD for they key term,

After running a range of campaigns, they found that got more clicks, and business was up 60% in five months. According to the owner, the domain name paid for itself within 4 months. Now, that’s a solid investment!

And, the clicks they received were not just higher in volume, meaning massive amounts of extra revenue for the company. According to the owner’s comment here, the costs relating to their AdWords account dropped a staggering 35%, the very next day!

In fact, the owner went on to comment in the following article:

“Looking back, had I known what the domain name would do for our business, I would have done it a lot earlier. In my most recent venture, I paid $35,000 for the domain, which is descriptive of the core business.”

If running PPC campaigns is something you do, investing in a premium finance domain could be an excellent way to go. And, a suitable domain can be found for less than £5,000.

Building a Portfolio

Not all our customers are end users, those looking for one domain name for their business.

Many of our customers are seeking to build a premium portfolio of domain names.

We always suggest building a niche portfolio for the simple reason that it’s likely to result in repeat sales. More people figure out you’re the go-to person for that niche of domains, allowing you to make more profitable sales and build a bigger portfolio.

And, finance domains are certainly not a bad set of domains to focus on due to the high competition in the space.

Based on what we’ve covered so far, a great way to value the potential for a financial domain is to estimate the cost per click for advertising using AdWords Keyword Planner. If the domain has type-in traffic, multiply the traffic (annually) by the estimated bid, and that gives a nice idea of what the domain could be worth to someone running a campaign.

Not all domains will have type-in traffic, but that doesn’t mean they are worthless. As we mentioned earlier, a broad or exact match domain can have a positive impact on a PPC campaign.

If a domain could easily produce more clicks at a 15% lower cost, you can estimate the value by multiplying the volume of searches, by the estimated bid, and taking 15% of that figure.

In the example of, volume is up to 1,000-10,000 searches per month, with a suggested bid of around £6.50. The range of monthly traffic costs would sit between £6,500 (for 1000 clicks) and £65,000 monthly (at 10,000 searches).

Savings could be anywhere from £975-£9,750. And suddenly, a £2,000 domain doesn’t seem expensive at all. Bear in mind these savings will continue to accrue, and the company will have an asset (the domain) to sell in the future.

Naturally, not every person searching will click, but remember, annually, these figures are going to be close to what has been mentioned above. And, this doesn’t account for any other relevant broad match keywords.

We have a range of premium financial domains listed on our website. For many of our domains, turnover is fast. So, if you are looking for a domain for your start-up, PPC campaign, or existing business; get in touch.

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